awesome modular kitchen dark brown design

awesome modular kitchen dark brown design

The modern kitchen island is much more than just a place to prep your food and that is precisely what many of these wonder designs offer. Acting as the central piece to your revamped family and social zone in the open plan living area, the elegant island needs to hold everything ranging from basic kitchenware and extra utensils to a few game boards and party decorations that would come in handy on a fun weekend. With built-in cabinets that offer ample storage space and custom units crafted by the likes of Leicht, Team7 and Toncelli, your kitchen island is set to be transformed forever!

Kitchen countertops crafted from stainless steel have plenty of advantages both on terms of form and function. For starters, they fit in with the look and style that is being adopted by contemporary kitchens and their sleek and well defined plan. But the pros of a stainless steel kitchen counter go a lot beyond just the appealing looks. They are far more durable than any other version of kitchen counters, easy to clean, sturdy, can take a bit of wear and tear and are recyclable to a very large extent.

Adding color to your Scandinavian kitchen is a lot simpler than in the case of living rooms or bedrooms that adopt the same style. Chic kitchenware with flower patterns, pastel hues that also usher in a breezy summer charm, and pops of bright yellow or green that stand out thanks to the neutral backdrop are the most preferred options. If you have an all-white subway tiled backsplash, then think of another section in the kitchen where you can add colorful geometric tiles or even some wallpaper to break the monotony.

Most of us tend to stay away from black because we feel it takes away from the visual spaciousness and lightness of the kitchen. Since the kitchen is already an area of the home filled with shelves, cabinets, appliances and a whole lot more, a white backdrop is generally preferred in favor of something deeper and darker. But careful use of black in the kitchen along with right lighting can turn a seemingly ordinary space into a refined setting that is both posh and practical. A dark, tiled backsplash, cabinets clad in black or even a central island in polished black marble can usher in elegance without feeling overwhelming.

Gray is arguably the most versatile of all neutrals and it can also be used as the primary color in your kitchen while balancing it elegantly with other hues. Darker shades of gray like charcoal bring the magic of black into the kitchen even while providing you with a more neutral option. Bluish-gray is another popular choice in modern kitchens and combining it with warm wooden surfaces or even black metallic accents makes for a stunning backdrop.