kitchens with black appliances

kitchens with black appliances

While it is easy to add pops of yellow, red or green to a kitchen in white and gray, colorful accents definitely seem like a thing of the past. Instead of color, think of other ways in which you can create contrast without altering the overall appeal of the lovely kitchen draped in neutral hues. Wood is undoubtedly a fine choice as it is both hip and brings a hint of natural effervescence to a contemporary setting dominated by man-made materials. Wooden cabinets and breakfast bars seem to be the popular option here followed by bar stools and floating shelves.

Kitchens are such versatile rooms. We use them to cook meals for ourselves and our families daily. They hold homework on the island or table. They show off cheese plates and pies when we host parties. They become the hub of the home, all work and life revolving around them. So it’s important that our kitchens are not only efficient but beautiful as well. Nobody wants to wash dishes in a dingy space.

The timeless appeal of a beautiful kitchen in white and trendy panache of gray at its brilliant best – it is a combination that is bound to turn heads even while exuding understated elegance. Gray and white kitchens are set to top trends charts for a while now and if you already have a kitchen in white, then adding a dash of gray to it is all you need to jump in on this cool bandwagon. Easily adapting to different diverse styles, a gray and white color scheme brings an air of modernity to even farmhouse and rustic kitchens!

We are always looking for ways in which we can that ‘something special’ to the kitchen without having to later too much. A quick kitchen revamp freshens up much more than the cooking and prep zone and adds to the appeal of the entire living space. While most modern kitchens seem to embrace a muted or neutral color scheme with smartly placed accent hues, sometimes going in the opposite direction works just as well. Giving the contemporary kitchen a makeover using black and shades of gray makes it even more sophisticated and striking without forcing you to spend a fortune!

Planning for the perfect kitchen island is as much about getting the dimensions right as it is about the extra cabinet space and additional perks it brings. The large, U-shaped kitchen island looks like a tantalizing prospect, but it is a design that only works well in the really spacious kitchens. On the upside, this island allows you to expand on your storage, add more cabinets than usual and lets you combine prep, cooking and serving stations with ease.